The Lord of Wealth by Amanda Wells

Tonight Amanda Wells gave a very powerful prophetic message to us entitled “The Lord of Wealth”. She spoke from 1 Chronicles 29 that this is the year of the Harvest and with every generation and every new season God reveals Himself in a new way and reveals another part of His character. If the next revival will be and include the transfer of wealth then God must reveal Himself not just as Jehovah Jireh but as the Lord of Wealth. So who is the Lord of wealth and what does the name Jehovah Chayil, wealth mean. We will unravel that name and have a revelation for this new season and new revival of the Lord Chayil, the Lord of wealth.

Check out the beginning of her message on the video below.  Amanda shares quite openly about her experience at the beginning of the year with the death of two close friends and then loosing everything in the floods.  However, God provided for them in amazing ways.  You can watch it now:

We encourage you to download the full mp3 version of the message, as you will want to listen to it again and again.  The Cost to download is: $5.50 and is available by clicking here:

For those who were there, this is the link to download the recording of all the prophetic words given (Cost:  $5):


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