The Seven Financial Curses and how to break off them off your life!

About two years ago now I came across the Teaching from Arthur Burk from Plumbline Ministries called “The 7 Curses” on this CD series is outlines 7 curses that can affect a person/business in the financial area.

This week these have come up again as we have been ministering to people.  Usually if one or two are struggling with things in this area then there are others as well, hence why I thought I would put a summary of these curses up for you to read through.

We have now uploaded the prayers to break off the different curses.  Feel free to download them and prayer through them.

Some people have asked if they can have more than one curse, the answer is absolutely!

Please let us know what happens as a result of praying through these.

I would also encourage you to purchase Arthur’s CD series on the 7 curses from his website

Bless you as you enter into greater financial freedom!

Wes Leake

Business Blessings

The Seven Curses (Arthur Burk, Plumbline Ministries)


The manifestation of the Aramean curse is that you can’t solve your own problems in the context of Civil law, you’re continually either facing law suits or getting injustice in basic business deals, the cause of this curse is that someone sought lawless power in order to solve their problems, and the blessing that God releases when this curse is broken is that you have basic security from intrusion in your life. There is a legal system that works; you’re able to function within a normal parameter for getting justice.

Prayer to break off the curse:  Aramean Curse


The manifestation of the Moabite Curse is that your authorities will not build a platform for success under you. This can be your parentage or your employer or your church leadership, but in some form or another there are authorities who are supposed to build a platform for success under you and they don’t. The cause of this was you or somebody in your family line who took freedom the wrong way when freedom was not granted them or they remain passive under bondage.

Prayer to break off the curse:  Moabite Curse


The Philistine Curse manifests in your life, by your lacking the key resources to be able to progress. These are individuals that seem to have a whole lot going for them but for lack of one little thing or another they’re not able to put together the  package of success that they feel God has called them to.

The root cause of this curse is that  somebody was focused on codifying, defending or implementing truth in such a way that limits other people or controls them instead of equipping and powering. Truth was used, or the perception of truth, a system of truth was used to limit people to enslave them instead of empowering and releasing. One of the major marks of the devouring is that you cannot earn what you’re worth. When this curse is broken the blessing is that you’re enabled to enthrone the Lord Jesus Christ in your life or on the land. And the presence of the enthroned Lord keeps a lot of devourers away.

Prayer to break off the curse:  Philistine Curse


The curse manifests by your being regularly exploited by all kinds of leaders. The original cause for this course was that somebody used their influence to induce other people to do wrong frequently in the area of moral impurity. One of the most hurtful aspects of the devouring is that because of the exploited boss, you don’t have the ability to develop the God given abilities that are placed within you. You are so busy putting out fires, so busy serving someone else that you cannot develop the call of God in your own life. And the blessing is the opposite of that when this curse is broken. Somebody is able to systematically develop the areas of greatest potential in their own life.

Prayer to Break off the curse:  Canaanite Curse


The curse is that you cannot obtain enough assets, you cannot accrue, you can accumulate enough wealth to be able to leverage change. The was that you or someone in your family line put comfort or security a head of fulfilling your stewardship. The devouring is manifested by things and health and relationships breaking in a seasonal manner.

Meaning that at a particular time in the year, or in a pattern of every other year things are devoured for no apparent reason other than the time cycle.

The blessing is also related to time and hat is the freedom to accumulate resources from year to year and from generation to generation so that there are enough assets to leverage major change.

In this particular curse you see that money is devoured before it gets to you. Your promises are continually broken. The blessing, once this curse is broken, is that you have secure boundaries and you have the freedom to expand as God directs.

Prayer to break off the curse:  Midianite Curse


The manifestation of the curse is that your institution is destroyed from within by betrayal of trusted members. And in very oblivious betrayal from within has as its root-cause, the fact that you or somebody in your family line or institutional line, violated a covenant supposed to be in a covenant relationship with you, turn around and rob you. The blessing of course, is that you will be able to establish a social structure that synergistically realises life into the culture. You might be able to possess your birth-right alone but you cannot be a person of destiny outside of community, it takes a social structure to synergistically realise life on the level of being a person of destiny

Prayer to break off the curse:  Jotham’s Curse


The curse is manifested by your being confined to mediocrity in a group setting. The route cause is that at some point you or your ancestors tried to buy God’s favor. And the devouring is seen in your loosing the capital necessary to make money.’ There’s an axiom in the business world that it takes money to make money. And when you lose your capital you are relegated to earning money instead of making money. And the blessing when this curse is broken is that God partners with you to help you posses your birthright. And God’s partnering with you, God’s favor is infinitely greater than work per say.

Prayer for breaking off the curse:  Ammonite Curse

(These are a summary taken from Arthur Burk’s series on the 7 curses, available from

Finally, another area that can be of concern is when you are jealous of others, or they are jealous of you.  Check out this paper:  The Spirit of Jealousy

Bloggers note:

Of all the posts that I have done, this has been by far the most popular and most searched topic.

What is shows me is that there are a lot of people who are struggling financially and are looking for the answers to their situation so that they can be free from the financial burden that they are carrying.

Praying through the above prayers are a great start, some other things that I have found helpful over the years also include:

1.  Forgiveness

In Matthew 5:23 & 24 as part of Jesus’ sermon on the mount he said:

“Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.”

There seems to be a link here between unforgiveness and giving.  Could it be that if we give and there is unforgiveness in our heart that our giving is null and void?  Jesus is saying, don’t give until it’s sorted out.  This is very hard hitting I know, but something for you to ask God about in our own situation.

To help you work through issues of unforgiveness check out our website

2.  Ask God to expose what is not of Him

This is a very simple prayer, asking God to simply expose that which is not of Him.  It may be something on your land, in those you are working with, or it could be something that you are doing.  It’s a simple prayer, but be ready for the response that comes and act on in.

3.  In terms of the land, there are four things that can defile the land: broken covenants, idolatary, adultery and bloodshed.  You do not know what has taken place on the land where your home is or where your business is since time began.  I would encourage you to ask God to forgive what has taken place on your land since time began and ask Him to remove the stain of sin from the land.  The use of oil, water, flour and salt on the land may also be necessary.  A great book is Releasing Heaving on Earth by Alistair Petrie that explains this further.

4.  A favorite passage in Psalms 50:23 says “he who give thanks honors God and prepares the way for salvation to come.”  A key to entering into the very throne room of God is thanksgiving.  As we begin to give thanks to God and to those around us for what they have done for us, it literally prepares the way for salvation to come.  So I want to encourage you to do two things here, begin thanking God for the situation and circumstances that you find yourself in.  I know that sounds strange, but God can take what Satan meant for evil and turn it into good.  As you thank Him it prepares the way for that salvation to come.  Secondly, I’m going to encourage you to take a 30 day gratitude challenge.  It is very simple, each day for the next 30 days you send a card, note or letter to someone in your life to say thank you for the impact they have had on your own life.  Thanking someone else, is also thanking God, because they are His workmanship created in Christ to do good works!  To check out more of the challenge go to:  Try it for 30 days, it will cost you just over $1/day, but if it doesn’t change your life in that time, I will gladly refund your money to you!  Simply email me at:

Have you found this blog post helpful?  Then we would love to hear from you.  Please write your comments below, plus share the post with others.  So many people are struggling financially, let’s see them set free!

13 thoughts on “The Seven Financial Curses and how to break off them off your life!

  1. I thank you for sharing this valuable information, and I thank the Lord for your wisdom and pray He may Bless you with the desires of your heart. As I was reading the article of The Spirit of Jealosy, I began an incredible encounter with the Holy Spirit and listen to many different tongues coming out of me and Joshua chapter 5 as part of word revelation. I also was prompted to play a piano that I have never played before. I feel very empowered right now when about an hour ago I was distress and worry over my finances. I often have no one to come into agreement with me in prayer and while I was slain in the Holy Spirit, I said to Him that I would come into agreement with Him in whatever He was praying thru me that I could not understand for the word states that where two or more are in agreement he is there. And I simply had no one but Him. Would my prayers/his prayers reach and cast down all demonic forces and plans againts my life or family? or Do I still need someone physically to come into agreement with me to renounce these evil spirits? I certainly did not see this one coming to me until I reach page 17 of the article…Then His presence overwhelmed me with tears and shouts of utters. Praise The Lord!

  2. Just a note of warning: The second prayer ends with a prayer for those who feel they need to “leave”, that God will help them design a ‘godly’ suidice mission. Beware.

  3. I found the information valuable. I did not pray the prayers because
    we already know how to break curses. I think it best for those so skilled,
    to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. And certainly, after the curses
    are broken, there is no need for God “to open the books” or engage
    in a “godly suicide mission”. Blessings to those who read. And thanks
    for the information.

  4. My name is Apostle Glen England the founder of Joshua Ministries International with my wife Pastor Karen England just here going through your teaching i find it to be good. And strong continue being a good example to body of our Lord and Jesus Christ we are from the Caribbean islands the western side a beautiful island name ST Kitts and our sister island is Nevis. what you a searching is life changing because many Christians are crying out in this area they conquer many demons but this one has being one of the most difficult thanks again we shall tell others of what you are doing bless you.

  5. For the last several years I’ve been in a situation where I just can’t make anything financial work. I was in business, a business that I knew well and was good at, 15+ years experience. It slowly crumbled to the point where I had to close up. I tried three other businesses which I was familiar with and they all never got off the ground sending me deeper into financial despair. I finally got a job, again, doing something I knew pretty well. The position was to be as a manager as per the interview. I was hired on the spot but afterwards I found not as a manager and this was at a lower rate of pay but I needed money so I took the job anyway. Soon after working, minor accidents started happening, my equipment was accidently damaged, my new $400.00 glasses were destroyed, I was injured, I received a motor vehicle ticket going home from work for almost $300.00 that I shouldn’t have received, and some other things that all amount to expenses that I couldn’t really afford. My belief in God is something that I’ve always had, I pray daily, I help others whenever I can, I don’t intentionally hurt anyone but there seems to be no comfort for me from these financial problems and I’m now at the point where I’m teetering on the edge of financial ruin. Is there anything I should be doing differently or not doing? Sorry to be so long winded and thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Shawn

      Thank you for your comment. I can hear your pain as you have recounted your financial situation over the last few years.

      Why has this happened? I don’t know, but what I do know is that God is still for you and not against. His love for you has not changed nor will it change. His desires for you are only to prosper you.

      Where do you start? Can I encourage you to pray and ask God to expose what is not of him in this situation. Ask Him to reveal what is happening from His perspective and allow Him to speak to you about what is on His heart for you to do and what is in His hands to do.

      It’s a simple prayer, but be prepared for how God might answer it.

      Deuteronomy 28 outlines what God has in store for us. I would encourage you to check out and begin to confess that you are what God has outlined here.

      The situation you are in is an invitation from God to go deeper into what He has for you. As you accept that invitation to learn more from Him, you will go to a whole new level.

      I’d love to have a chat with you personally and see what practical help we can give.

  6. Thank you for your reply. I must ask though, what do you mean by “but be prepared for how God might answer it?”

    Thanks again.

    1. Sometimes we expect God to answer us in one way, but when we take time out and listen to what God has to say, He can surprise us with very different answers or solutions than what we were expecting.

      1. I understand, thank you for the explanation. Is there a specific prayer to ask God to reveal what is not of him in my situation?

        Thank you.

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