You may think it is strange that a page about weight loss is on our Business Blessings page the reason for it being here is that those in business need to be in top shape physically and mentally in order for the business to suceed.

Personally I have a weight problem and so therefore I’m setting up a community of people to join me in 2018 to lose 40kg or whatever the amount of weight that you need to lose.

Here is a short video that I’ve put together about the challenge:

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Every goal needs to have a plan, here is a summary of the

plan that I outlined in the video:

Mindset change – regularly listening to Zig Ziglar, the Godfather of motivation.  Zig is famous for saying:  “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, niether does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”  We recommend you subscribe to Ziglar on Demand here:  Cost is US$9.99 per month.Join our Closed Facebook Group “Lose 40kg in 2018”  Here is the link for it:



Walking up to 30 minutes per day.  Download the Redrock

Walking app to keep track today:  Drinking lots of water – up to 2 litres per day Sleep – my favourite part – getting 7 hours per night Food & Vitamins – using Juice Plus’ Whole Food Based Beverage Mix & their Fruit and Vegetable Blend Capsules. We are going to start by doing their Gourmet Cleanse and their 8 week Shred Program.