Profound Strategies

May 2017 is Networking Month

Take your NETWORKING to a Whole New Level.


Take everything you have ever heard or learned about networking and just throw it out. That’s right. Throw it out .. as in jettison, dump, expel, cast out, in other words .. fuh-ged-aboud-it!

During May we will be doing a series of 4 Webinars that are designed to take your Networking to a Whole New Level.

These are very hands-on webinars that will give you:

1.Go into the 100/40 strategy in really deep detail

2.Really work through who are your friends and put in place a strategy to build relationships with them.

3.Take you through an exercise on bringing clarity to your vision

4. Consider key issues such as…

  • WHO am I?
  • What’s my destiny
  • What makes me fufill of joy and peace?
  • What (or who) stresses me out?
  • How do I do more of the things that give me joy and peace and less of what stresses me out?
  • How will I develop a plan to remember, reach out and reconnect with significant people in my life

5.. Put a communication chart in place

6.  Challenge you to “dare to dream” again

7.  Look at what you love

8.  How to avoid the detours, pitfalls, unexpected twists and heartaches

All for an investment of $147