Workshop Two – Building Profitable Relationships on Linkedin

LinkedIn is the world’s premier business network with over 500 million members worldwide and over 9 million here in Australia. You can see the potential that LinkedIn has and you’ve set up a profile and started to build your connections. You know that there is business to be had there but you’re unsure what the best way is to approach.

This is a very common scenario and one that is easily addressed with simple strategies that will help you start to build profitable relationships through LinkedIn.

You will discover:

  • Why you need to activate your ‘silent salesperson’ on LinkedIn so it can do the heavy lifting for you
  • How to elegantly approach people without being spammy or pushy on LinkedIn
  • Where to find your ideal clients on LinkedIn and start attracting them to you


Julie Mason is Australia’s leading LinkedIn Sales Strategist, has recently been named one of the top 25 LinkedIn Experts worldwide and is featured on the cover of Social Media Success Magazine Australia. With over 25 years in traditional sales and 15 years in door-to-door cold-calling along with over 10 years of online marketing expertise and an intimate knowledge of LinkedIn, Julie brings a unique perspective to those wanting to grow their business. Her passion, enthusiasm and ability to make complex things simple and easy to understand and implement, Julie is a sought-after presenter and LinkedIn trainer.


The Purpose Behind the breakfast & workshops:

When God wants to turn the world upside he turns to the business community.  He chose Abraham, David, Amos and dare I say Rahab.  When Jesus asked for 12 disciples, God gave him 12 business people.  Those 12 went on to change the world.

A key to seeing the Kingdom of God expanded in Brisbane is unity.  As we bring the Christian business community together, so it opens the door for the church as a whole across our city to gather.  Each of these breakfasts is designed for you to learn, to be encouraged, equipped and mobilised to see God’s purposes for our city, state and nation fulfilled.

The breakfast is open to all no matter what “brand” of church you attend or do not attend.

Pastors bring your business people.  Business people bring your Pastors.  School Principals bring your business students.  Gather a group of 10 from your church and register a whole table!

Sponsorship display tables are available so you can promote your business or organisation.

Here are some testimonies from our last breakfast: