Come for the Breakfast but stay for the workshops!

Workshop One – The Power of Who:  You Already Know Everyone Who You Need to Know

What if each of us had been given key relationships in our lives that have been specifically palced there by God to help us in ways we never imagined?  And what if those special people were not just happenstance acquaintances, but were, instead, strategic relationships meant to be actively involved in helping us find that place in life we always dreamed about?

Bob Beaudine – Preseidentof Eastman & Beaudine, American’s leading sports & entertainment executive search firm and author of The Power of Who and 2 Chairs, will be joining us via Zoom to lead us through his influential strategy.  Sharing with us who are your “who” friends and specific strategies such as The 3 R’s:  Remember, Reach Out, Reconnect.  The 100/40 Strategy and your “who” world.