Born in South Africa in well-known Gold Mining town to immigrant parents, where my parents were prominent leaders in the community gave me the grounding to view the world through compassionate glasses.    We were not a typical white South African family.

I was fortunate that my parents were foreign, my father descended from a long line of Merchants and Lutheran Ministers in Lubeck Germany where education and doing things properly, ethically was the norm. This was the standard we were expected to follow which gave me a solid foundation as my launching pad.

Especially in South Africa where it was plagued by racism.   In our home we were encouraged to speak about what was right, and we were brought up with an open view when it came to racism.  People are people period, we were no different just because of the colour of our skin.  This then opened discussions by my German and Scottish parents on how wrong the country was separating people because of the colour of their skin.  So my strong sense of justice was born.

My twin and I were the youngest of six so we had four older siblings who all followed different paths; engineering, nursing, finance, I.T and my twin sister a street chaplain and masseuse.   My brother ran RIAGILLE in the townships where he modified shipping containers into classrooms to educate the poorest of the poor.

I was a born leader.  From scaling my cot at the age of one and setting my twin sister free so we could embark on adventures.  NOT to the delight of our older siblings and parents.    From the age of four I took centre stage. Having leadership roles throughout my schooling.  Not in a precocious way but in a humble assertive way.  People listened to me and I never suffered fools. I always had a strong sense of justice and was never afraid of speaking up and doing what was right.  God is on my side.

My parents were Rotarians and were always involved in charitable work. Hosting international students and my mother was involved in the Bantu (African) feeding scheme.  We learned a lot about how poverty could impact you and how small acts of kindness could make a difference.

I was educated in South Africa attended a prestigious schools  then embarked on a short lived fashion designing career before retraining and joining the Hospitality Industries Training Board, which lead to a career in public relations and training.  I retrained in Business, real estate and pastoral care and am currently studying counselling as I want to work for major charity.

After having my 2 lovely boys, for the past 21 years my husband and I have owned a number of pharmacies and businesses including real estate in New Zealand and Australia.

For the past 13 years we have owned Giant Chemist Pacific Fair.  My role has been Marketing, /recruitment, Public Relations, range development and specialised buying.

I am fortunate as I am not governed by time constraints so can juggle my various roles to allow me the time to do where my actual passion lies.   PEOPLE!

NETWORKING and connecting the dots with businesses to help marginalized people and ultimately help the wider communities they are involved in.

To date the major projects I have been involved in are Drug Arm – fund raising and healthy options ….. Drug proofing your kids, Parenting with Confidence ……….  The sock Project …Rotary… and Fundraising for Prison Fellowship.  I am also involved in the Women’s Forum.    My latest project is in its  infancy is  connecting with the Youth Police at Broadbeach  Police Station where Constable Glenn Campaign has set up a  basketball team  to play against the youth and to create a bond in the community.  Glenn is a wonderful Christian guy I have known for years and has been on various youth missionary work through the years.

Have you heard the statement:  “The size of your network determines the size of your net worth”?

Well it is true.  The question though is how do you grow your network?  Then how do you tap into that network to grow your net worth without loosing friends and colleagues.

The focus of our next Brisbane City Wide Christian Business Breakfast is to hear from others with key insight into how they built their networks through building relationships with people and then how they have used those networks to not only build their own businesses but impact society as a whole.

Plus of course give you plenty of time to network with others as well!