The No 1 Gift to Give This Valentines Day

Valentines Day is fast approaching and the top of mind question on every person’s mind is what is the best gift to give.

So I’ve done some googling for you and come up with the Top 5 gifts given:

1. Chocolates

Chocolates – did you know that 40 million heart shaped chocolate boxes are sold in the lead up to Valentines Day? The next biggest seller are those Conversation Hearts with over 8 Billion sold – that’s a lot of hearts sparking a lot of conversations!

2. A Valentines Day Card

nothing says I love you more than a heart felt written out card that expresses your love in words to your partner. If you are stuck for the words to write in the card, check out these suggestions: Click Here 

3. A Night Out

A Night Out – going out on Valentines Day for Dinner and a Movie or another type of show is extremely popular. Make sure you choose somewhere where you can actually talk and not be too distracted by what is going on around you!

4. Flowers

Flowers – of course you were expecting this – Red and Pink Roses are the most popular with Tulips on the rise!

I’ve heard one flower operator has already put on up to 80 extra staff in Brisbane just to handle the extra phone calls in the lead up to Valentines Day!

Make sure you order your flowers early.

5. Jewellery

Jewellery – the next most popular gift given on Valentines Day. Here is a great article on how to choose the right jewellery: Click Here 

Here is another fun fact for you – Valentines Day is the 4th most popular day to propose on! After Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Even. However, surveys of the ladies say that they actually prefer to get engaged on Valentines Day! (There is a clue for you – just in case you are wondering when the best time is) And hey, I can vouch for this myself as my wife and I got engaged on Valentines Day! (Mind you it was my second attempt at proposing – let’s just say the first one wasn’t direct enough – another hint for you!)

Proposing as a Millennial can be difficult, so I’d thought I’d share this guide for you to give you some modern day tips:

However, I would like to propose to you that you give a very different gift this year in addition to the ones mentioned above.

The gifts mentioned above are great, they are a means of expressing your love to your partner, but there is a gift that can keep on giving long past the excitement and joy of the other gifts have gone away.

The gift that will keep on giving is the gift of improved communication.

Imagine if you never had to say “he doesn’t listen to me” or “she never hears what I say” again. What if you were able to understand the specific language your partner actually speaks and then be able to communicate in that language to them?

Would that improve your relationship?

Would it mean more sex?

Would it mean being able to work through problems that you are facing easier?

No doubt the answer to those questions would all be a huge YES!

You see it’s not the problem that’s the problem it’s the way you communicate about the problem that’s the problem. So knowing how you communicate to others and how others communicate to you – is the first step. Then find out how your partner communicates with others and how best to communicate with them – is the second step.

Then once you have found out that key information – we can actually work out what your “language” is as a couple or even as a family (if you whole work team did it you could work out what your communication language is as a team!).

How is this all possible?

The answer to that question is finding out what your and your partners Life Language is.

Life Languages is like a communication profiling tool that you can use, takes about 15 to 20 minutes, to find out what your communication “language” is.

Just so you are aware, there are seven different languages: Movers, Doers, Shapers, Contemplators, Influencers, Responders & Producers.

Each one of these languages has specific “filters” if you like for how they “filter” the conversations that they have with everyone.

The key for you is to go through their filter, to meet their need, to ignite their passion.

Once you do that, you are on target to improve your communication no end with the resultant improvement in your relationship and everything that goes with that.

The other great insight that the Life Languages gives is that you can find out what it looks like for each person when they are in distress. Once you see those signs of distress you can learn what to do to very quickly get them out of distress which improves very quickly the tone of the conversation that you have with them and the outcome as well.

A key part of the Life Languages system is to understand that actually each one of us is unique. There is no putting you in a box. Because each on of us has all 7 of the Life Languages in us, the question is how much of each one do we have. So you cannot say: “That person is a mover” and so they will act a certain way, because they are made up of all the different life languages.

I can assure you that you will never really be able to guess what a persons Life Language is. Knowing each of the languages I’ve tried and it never works.

So as a problem solving male or as a female desperate to understand how to communicate with your man, I can hear you asking how do I find this all out.

Here are the steps:

  1. Take the profile yourself. The profile costs A$55 and you can purchase your profile by clicking here.Once you do that a link will be sent to you that will enable you to complete the profile.
  2. Read through the profile that you receive. Many people have said that as they have read through the profile that they feel like they are looking at themselves in a mirror, or they say comments like, finally I’ve got something that tells me exactly who I am.
  3. Have your partner take the profile. Here is the link for them. Same one as yours!
  4. Have your partner read their profile.
  5. Read through each others profiles.
  6. Request a group report from us – this is free – email us at: the names of those you want on the group report and we will send it through to you.
  7. Organise a one-on-one coaching session with a Certified Life Languages Trainer – these sessions will give you greater understanding as to what your Life Languages report is saying about you and your partner. Plus we take you through the Group Report which outlines whether your communication is in the green, yellow or red zone, what that means and the practical steps you need to take to improve your communication going forward. Their are a range of options for this, let’s have a chat about it to find out what is the best option for you.


Your Life Languages profile is a very different gift this Valentines Day but it is a gift that will keep on giving through the ups and downs that come in any relationship because you will have the tools you need to improve your communication and work through the problems as they come and go together! Long past those chocolates have been eaten, the flowers have died and the memory of a great night out has faded. The information you have gained from investing in your Life Languages profile will live on for the balance of your life. Just like we trust your relationship will!

Additional resources available to you:

  1. Click here to download a Sample Life Languages Profile Report
  2. Thanks to for this great information (
  3. Have a listen to our podcast on Heart to Heart Communication on Business Blessings Radio. You can either listen to it on iTunes or Stitcher, or download the podcast by clicking here.


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