Breakthrough To Success Program

Equipping Christian Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Today

11 April 2017 to 6 May 2017


Starting and running your own business is hard…really hard.  Some days in fact you may question why you ever made the entrepreneurial leap of faith.

The good news is that you don’t have to face it alone.  You have an invisible partner that is looking out for you at all times.

Breakthrough To Success program was created knowing the challenges and struggles facing those in business on a daily basis.  Breakthrough To Success will inspire, refresh, equip and encourage you to take your business and your life to the next level through a deeper connection to God.

EXPERIENCE…His presence

EXPERIENCE…dynamic teaching

EXPERIENCE…personal renewal

EXPERIENCE…practical biblical training for everyday life and business

EXPERIENCE…a new perspective

Business Blessings Breakthrough To Success program includes four dynamic webinars with special guest speakers from around the world plus a hands-on 1-day retreat that will elevate you and your business to new heights.


Our Special Guest Presenters Include:

Our Four Webinars Will Cover:

  • Practical ways that spiritual blockages can be removed so that you can experience a constant flow of business blessings presented by Wes Leake, CEO of Business Blessings and Host of Powerful Prayer Strategies Podcast.  Webinar will be on Monday 10 April at 7:30 pm Brisbane Time.
  • Eliminate blame, complaining and procrastination with our special guest who will help you reframe the questions that you are asking and share how accountability, responsibility and ownership can transform your life – Presented by Kristin Lindeen, Vice President of QBQ Inc.  Webinar will be on Wednesday 12 April at 8:00 am Brisbane time.
  • Your most important meeting on your daily schedule. Our special guest will give you simple, yet hugely effective strategies for meeting with God every day in your business – Presented by Bob Beaudine, CEO of Eastman & Beaudine and Author of 2 Chairs – The Secret That Changes Everything.  Webinar will be on Thursday 20 April at 8:00 am Brisbane Time.
  • Unlocking Communication is key to success. Our special mystery guests will uncover why you communicate the way that you do and how you can take steps to ensure that your communication is heard.  Webinar will be on Thursday 27 April @ 7:30 pm Brisbane Time.

Here is a short message from Paul & Jenni about their webinar:


1-Day Breakthrough to Success Intensive

This is a hands-on life-transforming intensive.  Stepping into another level of your relationship with God where you are no longer begging or coming from a place of desperation.

This 1-Day will tie together everything that we have covered in the webinars and seal the deal so to speak.

The day will help you to take your relationship with God to a new level than what you have experienced before.

You can then take that to your work, take to your relationships, your family, your parenting, to all those areas in your life and see them transformed.

The exercises that you will learn, you can take back and use each and every day in your own life.  They are very simple, yet extremely powerful.  A lot of times we just need someone else to lead us through them.  It’s one thing to hear someone teach on it or tell you, it’s another to experience it for yourself.  This 1-Day Breakthrough to Success Intensive will allow this to happen.

The retreat will be held on Saturday 6 May from 8:30 am to 4 pm.  Location:  Darling Point Special School, 368 Upper Esplande, Manly.  Located right near the water for an excellent retreat location.

Join the “Breakthrough to Success” Program Today. The value of

the package is $811.35 – Your Investment $495.


BONUS #1 – We will send you your own copy of “The Question Behind the Question” book by John G Miller. With over 1 million copies sold this book will take you and your team to new levels of personal responsibility. (Valued at $32)

BONUS #2 – Bob Beaudine’s bestselling book “2 Chairs” will unlock the simple yet very effective method of meeting with Jesus each and every day. (Valued at $24)

BONUS #3 – Complimentary Life Languages Profile which will help you understand your specific communication style and how you can communicate with others more effectively. (Valued at $60)

BONUS #4 – Receive Lifetime access to our “Powerful Prayer Strategies” online course. This contains all the powerful prayer strategies that we have done plus more! (Value – priceless)

Bonus # 5 – Receive 12 months access to all the Webinar recordings.

Check out what Kirstin Lindeen has to say about her webinar:

If there was a 1% chance that God would meet you tomorrow would you go?  Check out this quick summary of what Bob Beaudine will be sharing about during his webinar:

Join the "Breakthrough to Success" Program Today. The value of the package is $811.35 - Your Investment $495.

What others are saying about our programs:

Here are two of the testimonies that have come through so far from the program:

Here is a short exert from the “Personal Responsibility and the QBQ!” Webinar plus a testimony from the first two webinars:

“God has taught me how I can deal with situations beyond my control. Trusting God for a business, His way and His will. I have learned that it is very scriptural and how the scriptures fit in with the life of business people, that it is very important to stay close to God and hear his word before moving forward.” Wendy

“God has made me more aware of what he has in store for me. He has set me free from a religious stronghold and fear of the future. His plan for my finances are in His hands and all I must do is trust and obey. He will open doors to where I should go and to where I should be. He is saying stop doing your way and let me do it my way.” Elizabeth

“My word at the start was “clarity”. Well, well, well! That’s what I got. A solid, clear, mandate on which to operate. A clear philosophy of how to approach the setup of processes.” Richard

“Just reminded me about how ever-present God is in my life.” Jason

“God has given me clarity over the direction he wants my (His) business to take. This has given me the confidence to know that He will send me everyone and everything I need to build a business for His glory. God has also told me by business is a vessel that He will keep filling so that me and my family can live off it for the rest of our lives. I realise I need to hand over the reigns to God.” Stephen

Join the "Breakthrough to Success" Program Today. The value of the package is $811.35 - Your Investment $495

For the full story behind the Breakthrough to Success Program, check out our recent webinar: