Connecting you to God and others through profound strategies that help you to glorify God and grow your business supernaturally.

That is the focus of what we are seeking to achieve at Business Blessings. When it comes to business there is both the practical side and the spiritual side at work.


The Practical Side

There is the practical side of business which is focused on what is the problem your solving, the marketing strategy, the business numbers, government regulations, working with suppliers, customers, government, and regulatory authorities.

Statistically in Australia there are around 2.5 million businesses.  Approx. 92% of them are less than $2 million in turnover. Around 43% of businesses make a loss and 75% of small business owners fail to take home the average wage. (Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman).

Small business is the backbone of any country. While a lot of emphasis has been placed on the growth and support of micro-enterprises in developing nations, it is the small businesses that bring transformation to a nation.  In Australia, small businesses contribute half a trillion to the economy.

The Spiritual Side

When God created the earth is said that he gave us everything that we needed to be “fruitfully and multiply” in the earth.  From the fish of the sea to the birds of the air, to every creature that moves along the ground, to every seed-bearing plant, the trees, the fruit, everything that the earth contains has been entrusted into our has. All this is at our disposal to steward well and create what is needed for us to be fruitful and to multiply.

Key to this is that we stay connected with God.  We learn from his word and we learn to listen to his voice.  I believe that there are still “hidden” things in this earth that we have yet to discover there usage for.  That there are inventions in heaven that are still yet to be bought to earth.

Key on the spiritual side is your daily “2 Chairs” times with God, your time spent in the word and listening to God for what is on his heart for you, your family, your business, your church and the nation(s) of the world as a whole. The days of us telling God what we want to do are over.  The days of us listening to what is on his heart and doing it are in!

From a spiritual perspective there are also other factors at play. These include the focus on seeking God first, healing the land, understanding threshold covenants, prayer and the prophetic, just to name a few.

The Historical Perspective

Being a “kingdom business” has become popularised over the last few years.  It’s almost become “sexy” to say this. However, this Is not something new that has come about in the last twenty years. We have historical context to go back and see what has worked in the past and what can we learn for now and implement now.  Movements in the past resulted in non-Christians sending their children to work at Christian businesses because they knew that in so doing their children would become wealthy.  Sadly, we very rarely see that these days.

From my research there seems to be four key elements that we should be working towards:


A Code of ethics, practices, and behaviours.

To train business owners and staff in key spiritual practices and disciples that are worked out in their daily lives through adherence to values and behaviours which are consistent with the word of God.


A commitment to education.

Training up the next generation of apprentices and staff to be all that they can be according to their specific gifts and callings.


The need for a strong network across the whole spheres of the Christian faith to participate in the wealth creation process.


The need for a communal infrastructure which provides access to capital.

We perhaps have forgotten that it was actually Christians who set up the Lloyds of London, the Westpac’s and AMP’s of the world. These businesses have facilitated a lot of funding both for Christians and non-Christians. We almost seem to be siloing business today.  Where they are on their own to get the funding and customers and networks they need to do business successfully.  It’s time to focus once again on building a strong faith-based community around kingdom businesses that set them up for success.

Business Blessings is committed to be a blessing to those in business.  Supporting them, encouraging them, networking them, and providing education.  Alone we can achieve a little but together we can see the “thousand times” blessing as promised in Deuteronomy 1:11. As we “seek God first” we will truly see the fulfillment of the Genesis 12 promise that we will be blessed to be a blessing.

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